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We are very lucky that our Year 4 teacher, Miss Baxter, has written a special story for the children in Year 1! The story is designed at be shared at home to help the children prepare to return to school. In the book, Piggy is getting ready to go back to St Mary’s, and the book explores some of his feelings. He is supported by Donkey as they learn more about what it will be like to return to Year 1 at St Mary’s. We hope you enjoy reading the story with your child!

A Piggy and Donkey Story



At St Mary’s, we are committed to providing the children with the best possible opportunities to learn, whether they are at home or at school. As such, we have provided a home learning pack for each child to work through in their time away from school. If you need to contact us or ask any questions regarding your child’s education, please email stating your child’s name and year and it will be forwarded to your child’s class teacher. Thank you in advance for your support and rest assured that your child has the relevant resources to continue having an effective education.



Home Learning Pack 5 Year 1 22 06 20

Brian Bear Year 1 resource Pack 5

Dear New Teacher Year 1 resource Pack 5

How much do the ice creams cost Year 1 resource Pack 5

All about me Year 1 resource Pack 5

My new classroom Year 1 resource Pack 5

How much money is in my jar 2 Year 1 resource Pack 5

How much money is in my jar 1 Year 1 resource Pack 5

Ordering coins Year 1 resource Pack 5

Coin recognition Year 1 resource Pack 5

Directions in the city Year 1 resource Pack 5

Right and left drawing Year 1 resource Pack 5



NEW – THE BOOK OF HOPESEWcLlScXYAExmH6_2e16d0ba_fill-950x365

  •  This is an amazing online compilation of new short stories written by a wide selection of popular children’s authors, dedicated to Hospital staff and providing a positive message of hope at these challenging times.



Home Learning Pack 4 Year 1 01 06 20

Y1-Sayeeda the pirate princess Year 1 resource Pack 4

Animals including humans booklet Year 1 resource Pack 4

Food halving activity cutouts Year 1 resource Pack 4

division challenge cards Year 1 resource Pack 4

Division serve it up Year 1 resource Pack 4

is it half Year 1 resource Pack 4

multiplication pack Year 1 resource Pack 4

read and colour the fractions Year 1 resource Pack 4

Parables Year 1 resource Pack 4

Junk Model animals ideas Year 1 resource Pack 4

Home Learning Pack 3 Year 1 18 05 20

Time worskeets Year 1 resource Pack 3

Junk modelling ideas Year 1 resource Pack 3

Materials Year 1 resource Pack 3

Clock face template Year 1 resource Pack 3

Home Learning Pack 2 Year 1 27 04 20

Extra Maths resources


capacity 1



Home Learning Pack Year 1 23 03 20



Please read this letter that contains links to FREE DAILY PHONICS LESSONS and other resources to help your child to learn to read. You will have been sent a text message link to this letter on Wednesday 8th April, telling you which SET to watch (SET 1, SET 2 or SET 3). If you have any questions, or you are not sure which SET you are in, please email

08 04 Learn to read SET 1

08 04 Learn to read SET 2

08 04 Learn to read SET 3



We are very excited to have received these wonderful photos of our Year 1 children learning at home. These superstars have designed and made some beautiful Easter bonnets for our competition, they look amazing! One learner has been busy reading and completing their maths learning, whilst another has created a beautiful collage of the Garden of Gethsemane, completed an ‘All About Me’ activity with lots of wonderful sentences and made a flower using junk modelling. We would love to see some more photos of Year 1 super stars learning at home, please send your pictures to:

IMG_7831 S3 2 IMG_7811 S3 1 IMG_7733 S4 untitled M2 1 IMG_7378 S2 IMG_7374 S2 IMG_7373 Siuntitled2 untitled Maisie bonnet 2 IMG_20200416_124408 N IMG_20200416_124426 N



In addition to helping with home learning packs, you can support your child by helping them to access these useful websites:

  • Teach Your Monster To Read – this website helps the children with their phonics learning. You will find your child’s username and password in your home learning pack:

  • Phonics Play – there are lots of free phonics games available for children to play (there is a username and password on the front page of the website):

  • Busy Things – children can login to busy things to access a wide range of activities linked to all areas of the curriculum. You will find your child’s username and password in your home learning pack:

  • Espresso – children can login to Espresso and access a wide range of games, activities and videos:

Username: student21406      Password: mary13


Other useful Websites for all children – no login details required

These websites are free for all and do not require you to login.

  • BBC Bitesize – lots of activities available for all ages and subjects





  • BBC Teach – video clips arranged by subjects 

  • Primary Homework Help – lots of useful information on different topics and learning areas

  • Children University Manchester – information and activities across the curriculum

  • Oxford Owl – activities, games and information across the curriculum

  • BBC Newsround – news and current affairs for children, with games and activities

  • Scratch – a free creative computer-programming platform

  • National Geographic Kids – there are lots of nice activities and quizzes for primary aged children

  • Cbeebies Radio – listening activities for KS1 and EYFS

  • World Geography Games – games and quizzes for children

  • Blue Peter Badges – a variety of activities for children

  • DK Find Out – a variety of activities for children

  • Story Time – Oliver Jeffers reading a book and discussing it

Audible – a wide range of free stories for children to listen to



White Rose Maths – daily lessons with matching worksheets (and answers!)please refer to the Home Learning Pack for which day to study each lesson on

  • White Rose Maths – Problem of the day


This link takes you to a useful video about ‘Numberblocks on CBeebies’. You can watch Numberblocks on the BBC iPlayer.


Physical Education

Children’s Workout / PE Lesson – every day at 9:00, Joe Wicks is presenting a half-hour exercise session for children on You Tube

PE and sport activities at home – this document is full of great ideas to help you keep active at home. It includes links to many great websites with further activities and resources.


PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 

Newsround – CBBC Coronavirus news and advice for children

Risk Taker Activities – this resource challenges children with many activities that they can enjoy at home

Covibook for younger children – this book has been created for younger children to help them understand Coronavirus and how it affects our physical and emotional health

Thoughts and feelings book Covid 19 – this booklet has lots of ideas to help you to support your child if they are feeling worried or anxious


Help and Support for Parents

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please can you keep the school up to date with any concerns you have regarding your children’s mental health and wellbeing. If your child is finding it hard to cope with the changes to their lives, or a family member is ill or has died, please let us know. St Mary’s school are here to work with you to support our children’s emotional needs in any way that we can. Here are some links to places where families can find additional support:

Change 4 Life – this website is full of useful advice, healthy recipes and fun activities to keep you active at home

Every mind matters – mental health advice from the NHS including a section on looking after children during the coronavirus outbreak

Government guidance for parents and carers – supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

Corona virus guide for children – this guide has been produced for Autistic children and offers a simple and visual guide to what is happening

How to wash your hands safely – You Tube video

Children’s Commissioner – a guide for children and links to resources

Childhood Bereavement Network – support around dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for all children, specifically those that have experienced the death of someone important to them

Bereavement Services – this document summarises arrange of Bereavement Services for children

Supporting bereaved children – this document contains guidance and advice

Talking to your children about the news – advice and guidance to support parents in discussing Coronavirus news with children

E – Safety

Please continue to be aware of what your child is doing online, especially at this time when they may be spending extra time learning and socialising online. Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:

Internet matters – support to keep children safe online

Net-aware – support for parents and careers from the NSPCC

Parent info – support to keep children safe online

Thinkuknow – advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online

UK Safer Internet Centre – advice for parents and carers

Kiddle and KidRex – child friendly search engines

Stay Safe Online ThinkuKnow Primary Parents Helpsheet

Parent Top Tips Safe Online Corona – this is a handy poster from the London Grid for Learning which summarises E – Safety advice





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Science Day

Year one had lots of fun on Science day. We enjoyed doing different experiments.

Activity 1
We learned about camouflage in Year One. We coloured in our butterflies and thought about the best places to hide them around the classroom and outside. We also hid some small world play animals in the playground. Can you spot the snake?

IMG_1209 IMG_1211 IMG_1215 IMG_1203 IMG_1205 IMG_1207

Tassia : ” Camouflage means when you blend in the space around you.”
Zainab : ” Animals camouflage so that predators don’t eat them”


Activity 2

We looked at the similarities and differences between ourselves and our friends. We created life-size drawings of our partners by drawing around their bodies and compared them.

IMG_1220 IMG_1225 IMG_1224 IMG_1221

Niyah: ” Maisie and I have two eyes and two ears but Maisie has blonde hair and I have black hair.”
Reggie: ” Lamar and I are boys. We both have two eyes, one nose and one mouth but I am taller than Lamar.”

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Amazing Artwork!

The children in Year 1 used their knowledge of colour wheels and their skills of colour mixing to explore a range of artistic techniques. They learned how to print and how to apply paint using a wide range of materials to create shapes and patterns. These were used to create some wonderful collages.

thumb_P1170715_1024 A C E G thumb_P1170690_1024 thumb_P1170692_1024 thumb_P1170697_1024 thumb_P1170712_1024


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Art – Colour Wheels

Year 1 have been exploring Primary colours and how to use them to mix Secondary colours. They carefully painted these colour wheels and they will be using their colours to create lots more beautiful artwork!

DSC_3892 DSC_3895 DSC_3891

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Design Technology

In Design and Technology we used our super senses to smell, feel and taste sweet and salty popcorn. We also made popcorn for our Teddy Bear Picnic, where we read the story of the Three Super pigs. Thank you to all parents who attended our Teddy Bear Picnic.

In addition to that we tested different materials to see which one would be the best for a superhero cape. Then we designed and tested our very own Superhero capes.

IMG_1475 IMG_1212 IMG_1246 IMG_1257 IMG_1261 IMG_1266 IMG_1453 IMG_1458 IMG_1469

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In Art we explored our cutting skills by cutting straight and curved lines as well as more complex shapes such as superhero call outs. We also cut out square shapes from yellow paper to make buildings on our amazing superhero class display.

IMG_1407 IMG_1268

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In History we learnt about super nurse Mary Seacole. We looked at the different characteristics that made her a superhero.


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In Science we explored our five super senses through different exciting experiments. We also went on an autumn walk.

IMG_1208 IMG_1210 IMG_1226 IMG_1309 IMG_1205 IMG_1207

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Jack and the Beanstalk

Year one shared what they have been learning about plants in their class worship. They also retold the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

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The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Our class worship was about what we have been learning in Year One so far. We enjoyed retelling the story The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We also had fun pretending to dance like animals.

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Year 1 community project

The children in Year 1 are learning about how to support our community by donating some daily essential items to homeless people.

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Year 1 & Year 2 mosque visit

 Year 1 visited the Greenwich Islamic Centre to learn about Islam.
Jaina :Muslims pray five times a day and when they pray, they face towards Mecca.”
Khaeleam : ” Men pray in one room and women pray in different room.”
Sariyah : ” Women cover their heads to show respect.”


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Mudchute Farm trip

Year one went on a trip to Mudchute farm to learn about farm animals, their diets and how to care for them.

Alex ” I loved feeding the sheep. A blue dot means the sheep will have one bay and a red dot means the sheep will have two babies”

Jaina: ” You can’t let the pigs eat from your hands because they cannot see properly. They might bite your hands. You have to throw the food on the ground.”

Sameera: ” I have learnt some new facts about farm animals. Did you know that a boy donkey is called a Jack and a girl donkey is called a Jenny. Also, a cow can drink a bathtub of water a day.”

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Drama workshop

Year 1 participated in a drama workshop. Children had fun helping the circus master to find the clown’s smile.



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Lewisham Fire Station trip

Year 1 went on a trip to Lewisham Fire Station to learn about how to keep safe from fire. We learnt about how long it takes for fire fighters to get ready when there is an emergency. We went on a fire engine and looked at the different equipment used by fire fighters. We also had fun squirting water from the big hose.

Ying : ” I loved squirting water.”

Zakir: ” The fireman went whooosh down the pole”.

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Albany Theatre visit

Year 1 went to the Albany Theatre to watch Grandad’s island. We had such a great time. It was most of the children’s first experience at the theatre.



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Class worship

Year 1 shared some of their learning in their class worship. They told the story of Rainbow Hen using actions. They also sang a beautiful song about the planets in our solar system.

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Science Day experiments

On Science Day we did two experiments. The first one was an ice experiment. We put a small figurine in water and let it freeze. Then we had explored different ways of getting the figurine out of ice. The second experiment was about making an ocean in a bottle. We used sand, water, oil, food colouring and a toy sea-creature.

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Museum of Childhood trip

Year 1 went on a trip to the Museum of childhood to learn about toys from the past.


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