St Marys CE Primary Lewisham

Year Six



At St Mary’s, we are committed to providing the children with the best possible opportunities to learn, whether they are at home or at school. As such, we have provided a home learning pack for each child to work through in their time away from school. If you need to contact us or ask any questions regarding your child’s education, please email stating your child’s name and year and it will be forwarded to your child’s class teacher. Thank you in advance for your support and rest assured that your child has the relevant resources to continue having an effective education.



Home Learning Pack 5 Year 6 22 06 20


Monsters Literacy Year 6 resource Pack 5

Red Literacy Year 6 resource Pack 5

Week 11 Reading Comprehension Y6

Week 12 Reading Comprehension Y6

Week 13 Reading Comprehension Y6

Week 14 Reading Comprehension Y6

Week 11 Spelling Pack

Week 12 Spelling Pack

Week 13 Spelling Pack

Week 14 Spelling Pack

Week 11 Maths Lesson 1 Vertically opposite angles

Week 11 Maths Lesson 2 Angles in a triangle

Week 11 Maths Lesson 3 Angles in a triangle special cases

Week 11 Maths Lesson 4 Angles in a triangle missing angles

Week 12 Maths Lesson 1 Angles in special quadrilaterals

Week 12 Maths Lesson 2 Angles in regular polygons

Week 12 Maths Lesson 3 Problem Solving

Week 12 Maths Lesson 4 Problem Solving

Week 13 Maths Lesson 1 Simplify fractions

Week 13 Maths Lesson 2 Compare and order fractions

Week 13 Maths Lesson 3 Add and subtract fractions 2

Week 13 Maths Lesson 4 Mixed addition and subtraction

Week 14 Maths Lesson 1 Multiply fractions by integers

Week 14 Maths Lesson 2 Multiply fractions by fractions

Week 14 Maths Lesson 3 Divide fractions by integers 2

Week 14 Maths Lesson 4 Fractions of an amount



NEW – THE BOOK OF HOPESEWcLlScXYAExmH6_2e16d0ba_fill-950x365

  •  This is an amazing online compilation of new short stories written by a wide selection of popular children’s authors, dedicated to Hospital staff and providing a positive message of hope at these challenging times.



Home Learning Pack 4 Year 6 01 06 20

01 06 to 05 06 Doors Literacy Year 6 resource Pack 4

08 06 to 12 06 Gadgets Literacy Year 6 resource Pack 4

15 06 to 19 06 The City of Silence Literacy Year 6 resource Pack 4

01 06 to 05 06 Reading Comprehension Year 6 resource Pack 4

08 06 to 12 06 Reading Comprehension Year 6 resource Pack 4

15 06 to 19 06 Reading Comprehension Year 6 resource Pack 4

01 06 to 05 06 Science Year 6 resource Pack 4

08 06 to 12 06 Science Year 6 resource Pack 4

15 06 to 19 06 Geography Year 6 resource Pack 4

Home Learning Pack Year 6 11 05 20

Additional resources – 11/05/20

Year 6 Science 11 05 20

Year 6 Reading Comprehension Pack 11 05 20

Friday 15 05 Maths Test Multiplication and Estimation

Year 6 Science 18 05 20

Year 6 Reading Comprehension Pack 18 05 20

Friday 22 05 Maths Test Area and Perimeter

Home Learning Pack Year 6 27 04 20

Year 6 – Geography Week 1 Pack

Year 6 – Geography Week 2 Pack

Year 6 – Reading Week 1 Pack

Year 6 – Reading Week 2 Pack

Home Learning Pack Year 6 23 03 20



Congratulations to everyone in Year 6! You have managed to answer 100,000 IXL questions between you this year! We are very proud to have been awarded this certificate in recognition.


We are very excited to have received these wonderful photos of our Year 6 children learning at home. These superstars have been working hard to complete persuasive writing and their reading comprehension. We would love to see some more photos of Year 6 learning at home, so that we can add them to the Hall Of Fame; please send your pictures to:

image0 C3 image1 C1 image2 C2  image2 O3 image0 O1



In addition to helping with home learning packs, you can support your child by helping them to access these useful websites:

  • IXL – this website allows the children to practise lots of mathematical and literacy skills. You will find your child’s username and password in your home learning pack:

  • Busy Things – children can login to busy things to access a wide range of activities linked to all areas of the curriculum. You will find your child’s username and password in your home learning pack:

  • Espresso – children can login to Espresso and access a wide range of games, activities and videos:

NEW from Espresso – click HERE to go on a Summer Adventure and explore our incredible world (use the Espresso login below when prompted

ESPRESSO Username: student21406      Password: mary13


Other useful Websites for all children – no login details required

These websites are free for all and do not require you to login.

  • BBC Bitesize – lots of activities available for all ages and subjects





  • BBC Teach – video clips arranged by subjects

  • Primary Homework Help – lots of useful information on different topics and learning areas

  • Children University Manchester – Information and activities across the curriculum

  • Oxford Owl – activities, games and information across the curriculum

  • CBBC Games – games and activities for KS2 pupils

  • BBC Newsround news and current affairs for children, with games and activities

  •  Blue Peter Badges – a variety of activities for children

  • DK Find Out – a variety of activities for children

  • Story Time – Oliver Jeffers reading a book and discussing it

Audible – a wide range of free stories for children to listen to


Subject specific resources


  • White Rose Maths – daily lessons with matching worksheets (and answers!)please refer to the Home Learning Pack for which day to study each lesson on

  • White Rose Maths – Problem of the day


Art and Design

  • Tate Kids – Art and Design focused activities and games



  • Science Museum Games and Apps – a selection of science-focused games and activities



  • National Geographic Interactive Mapmaker – interactive atlas and online mapping tools

  • National Geographic Kids – there are lots of nice activities and quizzes for primary aged children

  • World Geography Games – games and quizzes for children



  • Code Studio – excellent online coding courses and games

  • Hour of Code activities – a selection of coding and programming activities

  • Scratch – a free creative computer-programming platform


Physical Education

Children’s Workout / PE Lesson – every day at 9:00, Joe Wicks is presenting a half-hour exercise session for children on You Tube

PE and sport activities at home – this document is full of great ideas to help you keep active at home. It includes links to many great websites with further activities and resources.


PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 

Newsround – CBBC Coronavirus news and advice for children

Risk Taker Activities – this resource challenges children with many activities that they can enjoy at home

Power of kindness activities and Power of kindness calendar – these resources have been created by the British Red Cross and support children in reflecting on kindness – both to themselves and others

Thoughts and feelings book Covid 19 – this booklet has lots of ideas to help you to support your child if they are feeling worried or anxious


Help and Support for Parents

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please can you keep the school up to date with any concerns you have regarding your children’s mental health and wellbeing. If your child is finding it hard to cope with the changes to their lives, or a family member is ill or has died, please let us know. St Mary’s school are here to work with you to support our children’s emotional needs in any way that we can. Here are some links to places where families can find additional support:

Change 4 Life – this website is full of useful advice, healthy recipes and fun activities to keep you active at home

Every mind matters – mental health advice from the NHS including a section on looking after children during the coronavirus outbreak

Government guidance for parents and carers – supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

Corona virus guide for children – this guide has been produced for Autistic children and offers a simple and visual guide to what is happening

How to wash your hands safely – BBC Newsround video

Children’s Commissioner – a guide for children and links to resources

Childhood Bereavement Network – support around dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for all children, specifically those that have experienced the death of someone important to them

Bereavement Services – this document summarises arrange of Bereavement Services for children

Supporting bereaved children – this document contains guidance and advice

Talking to your children about the news – advice and guidance to support parents in discussing Coronavirus news with children

E – Safety

Please continue to be aware of what your child is doing online, especially at this time when they may be spending extra time learning and socialising online. Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:

Internet matters – support to keep children safe online

Net-aware – support for parents and careers from the NSPCC

Parent info – support to keep children safe online

Thinkuknow – advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online

UK Safer Internet Centre – advice for parents and carers

Kiddle and KidRex – child friendly search engines

Stay Safe Online ThinkuKnow Primary Parents Helpsheet

Parent Top Tips Safe Online Corona – this is a handy poster from the London Grid for Learning which summarises E – Safety advice





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Year 6 sing at Lewisham Hospital

Year 6 have continued their community project by visiting the Elderly Care Wards and seeing the amazing artwork that they created with the elderly last summer. The artwork has been displayed in a number of galleries and is now available to see in the hospital. It is a beautiful portrayal of the diversity of Lewisham market and all those who shop there.

Year 6 also used this opportunity to visit the elderly, sing some carols and hand out gift bags. The singing had an amazing impact on the patients and staff with many joining in or tapping along to the music. Music lies deep in people’s memories so the sound of children singing was very moving for some. The children were fantastic – well done!

IMG_0067 IMG_0039 IMG_0042 IMG_0045 IMG_0054 IMG_0060 IMG_0062 IMG_0066

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Life cycles at the Horniman Museum

Year 6 enjoyed an amazing trip to the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill where they were able to consolidate their learning of life cycles. We explored the Butterfly House, observing butterflies in all stages of life and took part in a butterfly-inspired workshop, finding out all there is to know!

untitled f untitled g untitled h untitled i untitled a untitled b untitled c untitled d untitled e

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Carol singing at the Alexander Care Home

On Monday 10th December, Year 6 Carol singers sang at the Alexander Care Home in Rushy Mead, Lewisham. The children sang a wide variety of both carols and Christmas songs. The residents joined in the singing and some got up and danced! The staff and residents were very happy with the children’s performance.

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Imperial War Museum visit

Year 5 & 6 visited the Imperial War Museum. The children and adults discovered a lot of interesting information about World War II. The main topics were The Blitz, The Allpress family and their contribution to the World War II during the German bombings and the World War I remembrance exposition.

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Year 6 PGL Day 4 – Archery, sensory trail and wall climbing

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Year 6 PGL Day 3 – Rafting and the High Wire

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Year 6 PGL Day 2 – The Challenge Course

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Year 6 PGL Diary – Day 1

We stopped at the Devils’ Punch Bowl and had our lunch. It was a lovely warm afternoon. Once we arrived, we were allocated our rooms and settled in. After dinner we all sat around the camp fire and sang songs and danced to the music. The food is very good and everyone is enjoying it.

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Lewisham Park trip

For their dedication and hard work throughout the whole year, the Year 6 class has been rewarded with a trip to Lewisham Park. Children spent most of their day out, playing games together and having fun.

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SATS week breakfast

Our children enjoyed the delicious breakfast offered by the school in order to boost their confidence for their exams during the SATS week!

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Spring Half Term booster class

During the Spring  half term holiday, Miss Dias and Mr Ifrim has supported some of the Year 6 children to boost their learning.


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Welcome back!Digital Camera

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