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At St Mary’s, we are committed to providing the children with the best possible opportunities to learn, whether they are at home or at school. As such, we have provided a home learning pack for each child to work through in their time away from school. If you need to contact us or ask any questions regarding your child’s education, please email stating your child’s name and year and it will be forwarded to your child’s class teacher. Thank you in advance for your support and rest assured that your child has the relevant resources to continue having an effective education.



Home Learning Pack 5 Year 2 22 06 20


NEW – THE BOOK OF HOPESEWcLlScXYAExmH6_2e16d0ba_fill-950x365

  •  This is an amazing online compilation of new short stories written by a wide selection of popular children’s authors, dedicated to Hospital staff and providing a positive message of hope at these challenging times.



Home Learning Pack 4 Year 2 01 06 20

Pandora’s Box Year 2 resource Pack 4

Elves Year 2 resource Pack 4

Science Lessons 4 and 5 Year 2 resource Pack 4

Home learning Pack 3 Year 2 18 05 20

Science Lesson 1 Year 2 resource Pack 3

Science Lesson 2 Year 2 resource Pack 3

Science Lesson 3 Year 2 resource Pack 3

Science Lesson 4 Year 2 resource Pack 3

Home learning Pack 2 Year 2 27 04 20

Extra Maths resources for Week 6

Monday Week 6 Pack 2

Tuesday Week 6 Pack 2

Wednesday Week 6 Pack 2

Thursday Week 6 Pack 2

Friday Week 6 Pack 2

Home Learning Pack Year 2 23 03 20



Please read this letter that contains links to FREE DAILY PHONICS LESSONS and other resources to help your child to learn to read. You will have been sent a text message link to this letter on Wednesday 8th April, telling you which SET to watch (SET 1, SET 2 or SET 3). If you have any questions, or you are not sure which SET you are in, please email

08 04 Learn to read SET 1

08 04 Learn to read SET 2

08 04 Learn to read SET 3



We are very excited to have received some wonderful photos of Home Learning. The children have been busy making a handwashing poster, creating beautiful artwork, learning a new language (French), creating some wonderful cooking and completing excellent writing about a dream school trip and a letter to Miss Stead. Mani has been really creative in making this wonderful rainbow, to brighten up everybody’s day. We would love to see some more photos of Year 2 learning at home, so that we can add them to the Hall Of Fame; please send your pictures to:

image0 S2 1 image2 SB 8 image1 SB 7 image2 S2 3 image2 SB 2 image3 S2 2 image1 M2 1 image0 M2 2 image2 L image1 L Mani Rainbow image4 J 7 J 1 J 3 J 6 J 2



In addition to helping with home learning packs, you can support your child by helping them to access these useful websites:

  • Teach Your Monster To Read – this website helps the children with their phonics learning. You will find your child’s username and password in your home learning pack:

  • Phonics Play – there are lots of free phonics games available for children to play (there is a username and password on the front page of the website):

  • Busy Things – children can login to busy things to access a wide range of activities linked to all areas of the curriculum. You will find your child’s username and password in your home learning pack:

  • Espresso – children can login to Espresso and access a wide range of games, activities and videos:

NEW from Espresso – click HERE to go on a Summer Adventure and explore our incredible world (use the Espresso login below when prompted

Username: student21406      Password: mary13


Other useful Websites for all children – no login details required

These websites are free for all and do not require you to login.

  • BBC Bitesize – lots of activities available for all ages and subjects





  • BBC Teach – video clips arranged by subjects 

  • Primary Homework Help – lots of useful information on different topics and learning areas

  • Children University Manchester – information and activities across the curriculum

  • Oxford Owl – activities, games and information across the curriculum

  • BBC Newsround – news and current affairs for children, with games and activities

  • Scratch – a free creative computer-programming platform

  • National Geographic Kids – there are lots of nice activities and quizzes for primary aged children

  • Cbeebies Radio – listening activities for KS1 and EYFS

  • World Geography Games – games and quizzes for children

  • Blue Peter Badges – a variety of activities for children

  • DK Find Out – a variety of activities for children

  • Story Time – Oliver Jeffers reading a book and discussing it

Audible – a wide range of free stories for children to listen to



  • White Rose Maths – daily lessons with matching worksheets (and answers!)please refer to the Home Learning Pack for which day to study each lesson on

  • White Rose Maths – Problem of the day


This link takes you to a useful video about ‘Numberblocks on CBeebies’. You can watch Numberblocks on the BBC iPlayer.


Physical Education

Children’s Workout / PE Lesson – every day at 9:00, Joe Wicks is presenting a half-hour exercise session for children on You Tube

PE and sport activities at home – this document is full of great ideas to help you keep active at home. It includes links to many great websites with further activities and resources.


PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) 

Newsround – CBBC Coronavirus news and advice for children

Risk Taker Activities – this resource challenges children with many activities that they can enjoy at home

Covibook for younger children – this book has been created for younger children to help them understand Coronavirus and how it affects our physical and emotional health

Thoughts and feelings book Covid 19 – this booklet has lots of ideas to help you to support your child if they are feeling worried or anxious


Help and Support for Parents

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Please can you keep the school up to date with any concerns you have regarding your children’s mental health and wellbeing. If your child is finding it hard to cope with the changes to their lives, or a family member is ill or has died, please let us know. St Mary’s school are here to work with you to support our children’s emotional needs in any way that we can. Here are some links to places where families can find additional support:

Change 4 Life – this website is full of useful advice, healthy recipes and fun activities to keep you active at home

Every mind matters – mental health advice from the NHS including a section on looking after children during the coronavirus outbreak

Government guidance for parents and carers – supporting children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing

Corona virus guide for children – this guide has been produced for Autistic children and offers a simple and visual guide to what is happening

How to wash your hands safely – You Tube video

Children’s Commissioner – a guide for children and links to resources

Childhood Bereavement Network – support around dealing with the coronavirus pandemic for all children, specifically those that have experienced the death of someone important to them

Bereavement Services – this document summarises arrange of Bereavement Services for children

Supporting bereaved children – this document contains guidance and advice

Talking to your children about the news – advice and guidance to support parents in discussing Coronavirus news with children

E – Safety

Please continue to be aware of what your child is doing online, especially at this time when they may be spending extra time learning and socialising online. Support for parents and carers to keep their children safe online includes:

Internet matters – support to keep children safe online

Net-aware – support for parents and careers from the NSPCC

Parent info – support to keep children safe online

Thinkuknow – advice from the National Crime Agency to stay safe online

UK Safer Internet Centre – advice for parents and carers

Kiddle and KidRex – child friendly search engines

Stay Safe Online ThinkuKnow Primary Parents Helpsheet

Parent Top Tips Safe Online Corona – this is a handy poster from the London Grid for Learning which summarises E – Safety advice


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Chinese Salad

Year 2 enjoyed a morning of cookery linked to their topic of China. They created delicious salads including some traditional Chinese ingredients, as well as some other flavours from around the world. ​Andrei said he hadn’t tried spinach before but now he liked it and he was going to ask his mum to buy some! Lots of us liked the cajun seasoning too.

IMG_1841[1] IMG_1809[1] IMG_1815[1] IMG_1827[1] IMG_1829[1] IMG_1832[1] IMG_1835[1] IMG_1836[1] IMG_1837[1] IMG_1838[1]

Click on the link below to learn more about the fantastic learning.


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Victoria and Albert Museum visit

Year 2 went to the Victoria and Albert Museum as part of our history learning.  Like real historians, we used statues, clothes, books, furniture and paintings to find all about what China was like in the past.

 AFKX3856[1] BJLJ6863[1] BNUH3539[1] BUHL5598[1] CFME2198[1]IMG_0942


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Dragon Egg mysteriously appears…

Y2 have been caring for a precious dragon egg! We are waiting to see if it hatches. Soon we will be writing all about dragons – look out for some of our writing on the school website.


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Developing Our Art Skills

Y2 have been developing our art skills.  Some of us used paints and pastels to create some wonderful firework pictures and some of us explored how colours make us feel at the Tate Modern.

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Story Telling By the Iroko Theatre Company

Year two were lucky enough to visit Lewisham Library and see a performance by the Iroko Theatre Company.  There was story telling, music and dancing!


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Year 1 & Year 2 mosque visit

 Year 1 visited the Greenwich Islamic Centre to learn about Islam.
Jaina :Muslims pray five times a day and when they pray, they face towards Mecca.”
Khaeleam : ” Men pray in one room and women pray in different room.”
Sariyah : ” Women cover their heads to show respect.”


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Mudchute Farm trip

Year 2 had a lovely time on our trip to Mudchute Farm.  We learned all about the animals, their needs and their young.

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Firefighter Hazel visit

Today we had a visit from Firefighter Hazel who taught us all about fire safety.

“You can’t play with lighters and you can’t play in the kitchen.’  Talianna

“When your house is on fire, you need to call 999 for the fire engine.” Lisa

“The fire engines have a blue, shiny siren that let other cars know that they’re coming through.” David

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Animal magic

Animal magic visited the whole school to show us some exciting creatures! Years One and Two even got the chance to handle and feed some wonderful animals.

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Community work at church

We have been helping our community by keeping the church grounds tidy.  It was hard work but we felt so proud of ourselves!

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Lewisham Fire station visit

Year 2 went to Lewisham Fire Station.  We learned all about the equipment that firefighters use to put out fires. We even got to squirt the hose!

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Trip to St Paul’s Cathedral, Monument and Pudding Lane

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‘The Lighthouse keeper’s Lunch’ diaries

We have written our own stories and diaries based on ‘The Lighthouse keeper’s Lunch’.  You can read some of them here!


Not so far away, there lived an industrious lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling. Every day Mrs Grinling concocted a delectable lunch; a salted fish, a piece of apple pie and a shiny apple. One day something terrible happened. Three pesky seagulls swooped down and stole the lunch! On Tuesday, Mrs Grinling had an idea. She packed sizzling sausages, a chicken, lettuce and cheese sandwich and iced sea biscuits. Before sending the lunch down to Mr Grinling she covered the lunch with a cloth, but the three scavenging seagulls swooped down and ate the lunch. On Wednesday Mrs Grinling had another idea. Mrs Grinling put Hamish in the basket.


By Andreanna




Once upon a time there lived an industrious lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling, who lived on a gargantuan cliff with his wife Mrs Grinling and a cat called Hamish. Come rain or shine Mr Grinling worked hard in the lighthouse. One day something terrible happened. Three pesky seagulls swooped down and devoured the lunch. “Clear off you pesky seagulls!” shouted Mr Grinling. On Tuesday, Mrs Grinling packed a salty fish, a delectable cake and a shiny apple with a cloth covering the basket. The three pesky seagulls swooped down and devoured all the lunch.


By Angel


Once upon a time there was a hardworking fireman called Sam. He lived in a clean, red fire station with the other fireman. Come any kind of weather, fireman Sam made the fire disappear. On Monday the other fireman packed a delicious banana, an orange and a raspberry for their lunch. Three scavenging birds swooped down and devoured the all lunch. On Tuesday they prepared yoghurt, mango and a coconut but the three scavenging birds swooped down and took the lunch.


By Benjamin


Not far from England lived a fisher man called Jimmy. He lived in Lewisham but he was not alone. He was kind, respectful and helpful. He was brown and white. Come sloppy snow or freezing thunder Jimmy caught fish. Every day mum prepared lunch for Jimmy and sent it in a bag. There was fish, chicken and chips. Suddenly, something terrible happened. On Monday mum prepared an in amazing lunch for Jimmy. Then, three rude bunnies ate Jimmy’s amazing lunch. Jimmy said “I’ll get my revenge!” Jimmy felt furious about those bunnies. On Tuesday, Mum had a good plan for Jimmy. Mum decided to put a stinky fish inside the bag and put a shiny tie onto it, but three rude bunnies jumped down and devoured all of Jimmy’s lunch. On Wednesday, Mum had another idea. She put a cloth and a shiny tie over it. There was potato, chicken and hot wings for Jimmy’s lunch but the bunnies ate the lunch anyway.


By Cheydon





One stormy day there lived a busy, hardworking firefighter called Ben. He lived in the tallest building. Every day, Amy concocted a yummy pudding for Ben. It was so good that he asked politely for some more food! She sent it with a drone because she was good at flying drones. She was an amazing drone pilot. One day something scary happened! Three slimy snakes jumped out of a tree and ate all of Ben’s lunch. “Clear off you slimy snakes!” shouted Ben.


By David O


One stormy day there lived an industrious fire man called Fex. He lived in a huge fire station with his wife called Mrs Lovely. Come freezing snow or strong rain he tended to the blazing fire. Every day, Mrs Lovely concocted a delectable lunch for Fex. Mrs Lovely flew an incredible drone to get his lunch delivered. Suddenly something awful happened! On Monday, Mrs Lovely prepared a lovely lunch. It was fizzy water, nice chocolate cake and a soft banana. Out of nowhere three angry dragons scoffed the lovely lunch greedily! “Clear off you ugly dragons!” shouted Fex. Fex felt upset because they ate his lovely lunch and there was none left. On Tuesday Mrs Lovely had a clever idea. It was to put the lunch in a shiny metal, silver case but it didn’t work. The dragons used their fiery breath. On Wednesday they had another ingenious idea. She put Henry the cat in a basket attached to the drone. Henry was a little bit sky sick so the plan didn’t work. On Thursday they came up with another idea. They put spicy chicken into the basket. The dragons said “Yuck!” Then Fex and Mrs Lovely ate sweet chicken, yummy cake and water.


By David Z


Not so far away lived Thomas and his cubs called Ben, Tom and Fred. One Monday, Thomas took his cubs to school. He started to hunt for the protein meat. One day something terrible happened! Three pesky hyenas jumped on Thomas and they took his lunch. Thomas said “Oh you greedy heads!” When Thomas came back without his lunch, the three cubs found out what had happened. Ben was very mad. Fred was so angry he was stomping his feet and he pulled out his tiger claws. On Tuesday, the hyenas walked close to his lunch again, so Thomas grabbed the lunch and covered it with a cloth then snuck away. The hyenas jumped and took the lunch. Thomas was so angry he started to stamp his feet so much that no one could see because there was too much dust. When Ben, Fred and Tom saw Thomas without the lunch they all said “Clear off you greedy brains!”


By Demi



Not so far away there lived a coastguard called Edward. He lived in his house but he was not alone. He lived with his wife Mrs Amelia and a cat called Simba. Come pitch black or boiling sun Edward guarded people. Everyday Amelia prepared a delectable lunch then sent it to Edward’s house, when one day something appalling happened. Three pesky buglers snuck in and ate the delicious food. On Monday, Mrs Amelia prepared a spicy, hot and chilly lunch and sent it on a hook. Then, the three pesky three burglar’s snuck in and eat the lunch. On Tuesday, Mrs Amelia had an ingenious idea. She packed mango, pizza and chips then rapped it in a cloth then sent it but three pesky buglers snuck in and eat the lunch. On Wednesday, Amelia put the cat Simba in his litter box then sent it to guard the food, but the three pesky bugler came through the window and ate the food. On Thursday, Amelia had an idea. She made three mustard sandwiches and sent it down the wire. The three pesky buglers ate the sandwiches and said “yuck!” then left. On Friday, Amelia repeated the mustard sandwiches then sent them down the wire, but the three pesky burglars ate the sandwiches and said “Come on lets never come back!” and Edward enjoyed his lunch.




One day there lived a bunny called Tom that was a helicopter driver and a good, cool agent. He lived with his brother that was a sky diver and a fantastic chef. Come mud or snow, he tended to the colourful, spooky mansion. Everyday his brother made him some barbeque wings and chips. There was a friendly rat called James. He goes to Tom to deliver his food. Suddenly, three pesky rats snuck up and stole the food. He said “Why you pesky rats!” But Tom’s brother had a plan. He packed some egg burgers and spit water, but the rats knew that was the plan. The plan was no good. On Tuesday, he had another great idea. He packed sprite, chicken and chips in a golden case, but all of the rats opened the case! The nice rat said “Go away rat thieves!” On Wednesday, they put up the nice rat in the case, but they insulted the rat. He said “I’m going to tell Tom that you guys are eating the lunch!” So Tom went back to the house told his brother to pack eggs, burnt toast and spit water. On Thursday, he packed that food. James gave the food the rats and they all said “Yuck!” Then they never came back to eat the food. Tom’s brother made bacon, eggs and milk for breakfast. James and Tom and Tom’s brother shared the food for creating a great plan.


By Ekene






On Monday Sam made a cake, cupcakes and picked an apple. One day something frustrating happened. Three spooky cats came and ate all of the scrumptious lunch. “Go away you spooky cats!” said Sam, but they didn’t listen. On Tuesday, Sam had an ingenious idea. She made a different lunch. She packed a burrito, spaghetti and crisps. Then she put them all into the basket with a foil cover, but the cats still ate it all.


By Hannah


Far, far away there lived a spikey blue hedgehog called Sonic. He lived with his mum and a cat. Sonic’s mum was kind. Sonic’s cat was cute. He wasn’t alone because he had a family. Come any type of weather he completed his mission with gusto. Because he had previously finished the work he turned into supersonic. He’d like to stop for lunch if you do too. He likes lunch. Next some burglar’s came out of nowhere and took Sonic’s lunch, so Sonic came up with an ingenious idea. On a sunny Monday Sonic had pickled onions, worms and a gargantuan turkey. Then something terrible happened. Three naughty burglar’s came out of nowhere and scoffed the food down. Sonic gave his good cat an order “Get those scamps!” said Sonic. Sonic’s cat did do it. Sonic asked a bunny called Peter, who was his best friend, “why will those pesky burglar’s steal my lunch!” Peter the bunny said sadly “I don’t know”. “Nah nah nah nah nah” said the yellow burglar. Sonic was going to call 999 for the police but he had an idea. He was going to prank the burglar’s. The police were about to come but Sonic’s new plan was a success. He said “I can’t believe you fell for it! Now I can eat my lunch in peace.” On a stormy Tuesday, Sonic had salty, bony fish, biscuits and stinky, slimy worms. “Yum yum” said Sonic His mum sent food to him. The burglars came again and ate the lunch! Sonic said “Come eat my lunch again and I’ll shout out loud! Common sense!” Sonic then decided to forgive the burglars and share his lunch with them because it was the right thing to do.


By Idriss


Once upon a time there lived a lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling, who lived on a gargantuan cliff with his wife called Mrs Grinling and a cat called Hamish. Come rain or shine, Mr Grinling tended to the lighthouse. Everyday Mrs Grinling concocted a delectable lunch. When Mrs Grinling sent a basket down the wire, some rude seagulls swooped down and ate all of the lunch. “Clear off you scavenging seagulls!” said Mr Grinling. Mrs Grinling had an ingenious idea. She put mustard in the sandwiches and covered the basket with a cloth. When the three seagulls got under the cloth and ate the sandwiches, they said “Disgusting!”


By Isaac


One dark, stormy day there lived an industrious teacher called Riley. She had long, brown hair and red lips. She was nice to everyone. Come day or night Miss Riley tended to her school. Her little sister Casey always made her a fantastic barbeque and she sent it on a wire to the school for Miss Riley, but one day something terrible happened! On Tuesday Casey packed a red apple, chips, chicken and a strawberry cupcake into a shiny cage. Then three outrageous eagles swooped down and devoured all of the food by squeezing themselves into the cage. Miss Riley was so mad that her face went red and she started to stomp her feet. She shouted “Go away you pesky eagles!” So on Wednesday, she decided to make a soup with worms in it.


By Kiara




On Monday, I brushed my teeth until they looked like shiny teeth. Then I had a tasty breakfast. Then I sailed my boat all the way to the Lighthouse. I tended to the lighthouse. Next I tried to find Hamish’s food but then I felt tired going all that way. When it was nearly 11 o’clock, my tummy was grumbling like a volcano. I was hoping for chocolate cake, strawberry melted cream, creamy biscuits, a sandwich, cold chicken and fresh milk or strawberry ice cream. “I will chase you back!” I said as three pesky seagulls swooped down and devoured my lunch. They swooped down and used gusto to devour all my delectable lunch. I was cross, mad and angry. I’m still waiting for my meal!


By Min Xiu


On Monday, I woke up and I started to brush my dirty teeth. I brushed my teeth up and down. When I finished brushing my teeth I had breakfast. I had pancakes and eggs. After I had breakfast I tended to the lighthouse, then I was tired. I went to sleep but Mrs Grinling tiptoed into my lighthouse. On Tuesday, I woke up and started to brush my teeth. Suddenly Mrs Grinling didn’t know where the basket was. Seagulls had ate it all in the kitchen. On Wednesday, Mrs Grinling concocted another lunch. It was a piece of barbeque chicken, orange juice and a strawberry cake. Mrs Grinling put the basket on the wire and sent it to the lighthouse. Suddenly, three pesky seagulls swooped down and ate it all. Mr Grinling said “Don’t eat my lunch you pesky seagulls!”


By Nadia



Once upon a time there was an industrious lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling, who lived on a gargantuan cliff with his wife and Mrs Grinling and with his cat called Hamish. Come rain or shine Mr Grinling worked hard in the lighthouse. On Monday, Mrs Grinling cooked food. She cooked some fish, a yummy cake and a juicy, shiny apple. Suddenly something terrible happened! Three scavenging seagulls swooped down and stole all the lunch and ate it. “Clear off you pesky seagulls!” shouted Mr Grinling. On Tuesday Mrs Grinling had an ingenious idea. She put sandwiches and biscuits into the basket with a cloth covering it and sent it all down the wire.


By Nkosi


One dark night there lived a hard working fireman. He lived with his wife but he had two more friends called Eghosa and Darlington. Come thunder or storm he put out the fire in buildings. Every day, his wife made a delectable meal for the fireman. She shot it on a string straight in his window. One Monday his wife put some delicious breakfast in the basket. She packed some delectable rice kripses, some shiny apples and a yummy sandwich. Suddenly, something terrible happened. All of a sudden three bad pigeons flew up and gobbled all the lunch up. He was so enraged! On Tuesday he had a smart idea. He got a big, massive bag and put the lunch in but it didn’t work. On Wednesday he got a big red suit case but three pesky birds opened the zip and scoffed up all the lunch. On Thursday he had a brilliant idea. He got a flying suit case so they couldn’t catch it. Hooray! They never got the lunch again.


By Obosa


One sunny, hot day there lived an industrious, rugged post women called Bethany. She lived in Sri Lanka but she wasn’t alone. She also lived with a cat called Hamish and her dad called Daniel. Come sunny sun or windy spring she put the letters in the post box. Then her dad gave her food. Everyday Daniel toasted a yummy snack for Bethany. Then Daniel called his best friend, the seagull, to fly and give it to Bethany. One day something awful happened. On Monday, he packed delectable cupcake, and some strawberry jam sandwiches. Out of nowhere, three scavenging dragons few up and scoffed the lunch. Bethany said “Clear off you dragons!” On Tuesday David got an ingenious idea. He packed sausages, apples and biscuits. He then put a loose yellow lid onto the container, but the three scavenging dragons flew up and scoffed the lunch! She thought about how rude they were.


By Salome



Once in an enormous town there lived a beautiful, nice and kind teacher called Mrs Moon. She lived in a huge house with her big sister Gracie and a pet rabbit called Rana. Come freezing morning or boiling evening Mrs Moon tended to the school with gusto. Everyday Gracie baked some tasty snacks for Mrs Moon. She put irresistible snacks into a container and into her back pack, but one day something awful happened. Gracie made spaghetti bolognas, vegetables, and some apple crumble. When Mrs Moon saw the snacks she felt excited, but suddenly three pesky pigeons opened the bag and ate all the snacks with gusto. The next day Gracie packed an oaty cake, some crunchy cookies and some bread. She put them all in a container and wrapped it up in sticky tape, so the pigeons would never be able to get the lunch again!


By Seren


One Monday, I brushed my teeth and all of my teeth were shining more than a diamond. Then I had breakfast. For breakfast I had a ham sandwich, peas, chicken, corn and ral. Next I got Hamish and put him in the boat. After that I cleaned and polished all the windows with all my heart. When I finished it was nearly 12 o’clock my mouth was drooling. When I saw Mrs Grinling putting the lunch on the wire my eyes went straight to the yummy lunch. When it was nearly there, three scavenging seagulls appeared from nowhere. I didn’t think they would do anything but they swooped down and ate my lunch. I felt mad, hungry and tired. I am so tired I’m going to sleep in my bed, but I thought of an ingenious plan. On Tuesday I brushed my teeth and had a bath, then got dressed. I got Hamish and we both cleaned the lighthouse.


By Suwarnika


Far, far away there lived a post girl called Chinderella. She lived with her sister called Angela. They lived in a red and white post office. She worked hard in the post office. Come raw of rain of sunshine, she posted the post and delivered all of the letters. One day something terrible happened. Three scavenging rabbits jumped down and devoured all the lunch up. Chinderella packed a scrumptious meal. She packed sizzling sausages, crunchy, tasty biscuits and fish. The three scavenging seagulls swooped down and devoured all of the lunch. Chinderella was mad. On Tuesday, Chinderella packed a scrumptious meal. She packed sizzling sausages, crunchy, tasty biscuits and another fish. The three scavenging seagulls swooped down and devoured all of the lunch.


By Tavia



Once upon a time there lived and industrious lighthouse keeper called Mr Grinling, who lived on a gargantuan cliff with his wife called Mrs Grinling and a cat called Hamish. Come rain or shine Mr Grinling will work so hard in the light house. Every day Mrs Grinling concocted a delicious lunch. One day, three pesky seagulls swopped down and devoured all the lunch. “Clear off you pesky seagulls!” shouted Mr Grinling. On Tuesday, Mrs Grinling made sizzling sausages, delectable sandwiches and a crunchy biscuit. Before sending the lunch down the wire, she put a cloth over the lunch. But the three scavenging seagulls swooped down and devoured all of the lunch! On Wednesday, Mrs Grinling had an ingenious idea. She made mustard sandwiches, hot and spicy peppers and chillies. The three pesky seagulls swooped down and took a bite. “Yuck!” said the first seagull. “Yuckee!” said the second seagull. “Ew!” said the third seagull. Mrs Grinling made the same thing over and over again so the three pesky seagulls never ever came back.


By Victoria


A long time ago there lived a dragon called Cee-cee. She lived on a floating cloud. She lived with her friend Treaty and Furbey. Cee-cee’s job is to wash all the dirty plates. Every day her friends cooked some yummy lunch for her. They flew it to the shop to give it to her. One day something terrible happened. One day Treaty and Furbey packed some green grapes, green sandwiches and an orange. While they were flying it to Cee-cee’s shop, some flies ate the lunch. On Tuesday, Treaty put the food in the basket and put a lid on top, then she sent it. The flies took off the lid and ate the lunch! They all felt sad.


By Xin Yi


On Monday, I brushed my teeth until they were shining like a diamond. After I brushed my teeth, I ate breakfast. After I ate breakfast, I cleaned the windows until they were shining, lovely windows. When I made my lunch, three seagulls swooped down and stole my lunch. “I will get you back!” I said. I don’t like those seagulls. They are ruining my life. Whenever they come I will get the bat as fast as I can.


By Yasmin


Far, far away there live a nice girl called Losy. She worked in a hair salon with Kaley. She lived in a city. Come day or night Losy tended to the hair salon. Everyday Kaley baked delicious meals for Losy. Losy sat on her bike and put the meal in the bike basket. She rode home and ate it up quiet as a mouse. On Monday, Kaley prepared a huge cake, cold water with ice cubes, chicken, chips, and a chocolate. Suddenly, three rude rabbits ate it all up very loudly. She then shouted very loudly “Go away you rude rabbits!” She used her loudest voice ever. On Tuesday, Kaley packed a cake, chocolate, pasta, water and fruit. She then put a lock on it but forgot to close the lock, so the rabbits ate it all. Losy was angry like a dragon. On Wednesday, Kaley had a very good idea. She put her white rabbit fluffy into the basket, but the bike was going very fast and Fluffy got dizzy, so she ran home by herself without the lunch.


By Yiliko



Once upon a time there lived a light house keeper called Mr Grinling. He lived with Mrs Grinling and a cat called Hamish. Come rain or shine Mr Grinling tended to the lighthouse. Every day Mrs Grinling concocted a delectable lunch. One day something terrible happened. On Monday, Mrs Grinling concocted another delectable lunch. She packed a red apple, a cupcake and a sandwich. She send it on the wire to the lighthouse. Suddenly three pesky seagulls swooped down and ate all of the food with gusto. Mr Grinling shouted “Clear off you pesky seagulls!”


By Zahara


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Reply from David Armitage

We received a reply from David Armitage himself! He was even kind enough to illustrate our envelope and send us an original piece of artwork from one of our favourite stories.

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Trip to Mudchute

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Posting letters to David Armitage

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Art work David Armitage style

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